New Business Park Eeneind-West in Nuenen to market

Recently the City of Nuenen in the southern part of the Netherlands approved the zoning plan for the new business park at Eeneind-West. The three landowners Ban Bouw, Moeskops’ Bouwbedrijf and Adriaans Bouwgroep have asked ARCUSplus to present a strategic and operational plan in which the profile of the location and its potential clients, as well as the best ways to approach these target groups, is laid down. The land at Eeneind-West, with a net surface of 28 hectares, will become available for interesting parties from May 1st, next. It is possible to purchase relatively small plots (500 – 3.000 m2) and establish an operation that requires an environmental permit up to level IV. The height of the buildings should not exceed 12 m1. Most business functions are allowed, except for retail. For a quick peek, please contact us at