New boost for youngest top sector ‘Logistics’ abroad

The newly established Dutch Platform Foreign Promotion Logistics is a public private platform, with prominent organisations such as Port Authority Rotterdam, Schiphol Group, Dinalog, Holland International Distribution Council (HIDC/NDL), regional economic development agencies and several Dutch ministries, that will jointly focus on reinforcing and expanding the logistics position of the Netherlands in foreign countries around the world. On behalf of the NFIA, ARCUSplus takes part in the project group within the Platform, that will bundle the promotion aspirations of its members and develop a toolbox for marketing the Netherlands as the Gateway to Europe abroad. Download the latest brochure here (Dutch only) or visit the Dutch Top Sector Logistics Website.


Retailer ACTION hired ARCUSplus for DC location search

UK-owned retail chain ACTION will be building a new distribution center in Echt-Susteren, in the Dutch province of Limburg. This operation will eventually employ 230 people directly, expected to grow to 600 employees over the next two years. The company has 340 stores in the Netherlands, Belgium, France and Germany, all of which will be supplied by the new logistics center in Limburg.

ACTION commissioned ARCUSplus mid 2012 to carry out an extensive location search for possible land and real estate in Belgium, Germany and the Net  herlands, that would fit the retailer’s specific requirements. More than 50 possible locations were benchmarked and ranked, based on some 35 quantitative and qualitative location factors, such as labor costs, land price, cost of transportation, availability of labor, burden of rules and regulations, attitude of tax authorities, etc. Construction will start in May of this year; ACTION is aiming for January 2014 to be operational with the first phase of this logistics center.